PARR3 LLC is a Los Angeles-based consulting firm specializing in business management and accounting for forward-thinking entertainers, creative professionals and brands. 

Why PARR3?
“We turn complicated financial information into real-time, actionable understanding."

Leveraging our extensive accounting and tax knowledge, and keen understanding of the entertainment business, we deliver reports and insights designed to be visual, digestible and actionable.  We go far beyond providing a static picture of financial factors.  We leverage information from past tours, trends and analysis to look to the future in a proactive and predictive manner.

Responsiveness is our Mantra

Our clients' careers are 24-7, and so are we.  We understand that the modern artist has become a nomadic corporation that requires full-time attention, proactive financial tracking, and keen knowledge of the entertainment industry.  By meeting these requirements, we help our clients adapt to the rapidly changing environment of today's entertainment business.  Our mission is to provide the tools necessary for success in an increasingly multi-faceted and omni-channel world.

Our Approach
Our ultimate objective is to help our clients establish a sustainable routine within their daily operations to create long-term financial stability. What does this mean? We work with you to set up a system of habits that you can use. We help you budget and plan your operations, estimate your tax liability in real time, and start saving for the future. Because of the volatile nature of the entertainment business, this is not easy, but we have built a playbook to make a complicated set of variables into a solid financial game plan. 

Business is Personal for Us
Managing a person’s finances can be an extremely intimate role. We take our advisory position with the utmost gravity and aim to improve our clients’ lives through thoughtful reporting of information and frank advice.  In a business full of “yes-men”, we take pride in not being afraid to tell the truth.