Full Service and Global
PARR3 LLC will serve as your administrative backbone while you’re on the road all over the world. We provide the stability and assurance that you are consistently on a clear path to reaching your full financial potential.  We offer a full suite of services including tax preparation, accounting, administration, personal finance management, tour planning, international tax mitigation, royalty accounting, and insurance planning. 

Full Service Business Management

  • Collection of income and other amounts due, including but not limited to income from touring, record sales, merchandising and performance royalties

  • Payment of bills

  • Maintenance of all bookkeeping and accounting records

  • Preparation of periodic compiled financial statements

  • Establishment and maintenance of bank accounts in your and/or related parties’ names

  • Budget preparation assistance

  • Complete facilitation of your tax filings and tax return preparation

  • Assistance in the maintenance of insurance coverage, alongside your insurance agent

International Tour Services
We provide specialized International Tour Services for foreign artists touring in the United States and Canada.  This includes full administrative coordination of touring operations, including: 

  • Facilitating the transition of international acts into and out of the United States

  • Generating Central Withholding Agreements with the IRS

  • Working with foreign agencies all over the globe to mitigate artists' tax liabilities

Tax-Only Services
Sometimes all you need is someone to do your taxes. We have a team of CPA’s and tax professionals to provide quick and accurate tax preparation services. We work with all kinds of tax-only clients from industry executives to creative agencies; from hairstylists to artist managers. We find this is a great way to provide value to our extended network of clients. 

Mobile Access
PARR3 knows mobile access to real-time financial information is a necessity for modern business. As a part of our family, we will introduce you to a suite of mobile applications to ensure you and the rest of your team have access to the transparent, up-to-date information you need to make crucial decisions every day.